Nugenix Review

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2014)

Nugenix Review – Get The Facts About This Testosterone Booster

If you are putting in serious time in the gym and hoping to see increased muscle strength benefits, chances are you are using a high calorie diet and tending to your supplement needs. As you continue to read about the various supplement that can be used to help take your results one step further, you may come across a product called Nugenix.

This testosterone booster, like others, aims to help you increase your overall testosterone hormone, which is the most powerful muscle building hormone that your body possess. Nugenix

As you might imagine, if you are able to effectively increase it upwards, it will have a positive influence on your muscle building results, not to mention how you feel on a day to day basis as well.

But, not all products deliver. Let’s look further at Nugenix, so you can see whether this is one worthy of investing your money in.

About Nugenix

This product claims to help to naturally increase your sex drive, boost your lean muscle mass development, increase your strength level, and ensure your body has an overall higher level of free testosterone present in your system at all times.

The company states that it is clinically tested and all-natural, which is going to have the appeal to those who want to avoid all potential side effects and only utilize something that is comprised of herbs and nutrients.

The Ingredient Line-Up 

When we look at the ingredient line-up, we see the first problem with this product. It contains zinc, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. Now, Zinc, vitamin B6, and magnesium form the ZMA combination that is very well known to help increase testosterone levels.

nutesto-suppfactsBut, this product replaces Magnesium with vitamin B12, which can assist with energy generation, but doesn’t do nearly as much as the ZMA combination does for testosterone enhancement. 

Then after that, we note that it contains a ‘Nugenix Testosterone Complex’, which is essentially a code word for ‘anyone’s  guess’.

Companies use this ‘complex’ or ‘proprietary blend’ term when they don’t want to tell you the full ingredients their product provides. Now you may think this is so that other companies won’t copy them, but think again. It’s because their product contains a lot of filler and not much else.

You can’t feel like you’re putting a healthy product into your body when you don’t even know what that product is.

Given the price of this product, this is a very large concern.


  • May increase energy levels
  • Could enhance libido


  • You may need to take up to 5 capsules per day
  • Higher priced than other products on the market
  • You don’t get the full ingredient information
  • Is lacking the powerful ZMA combination and other key ingredients needed for optimal results

The Verdict 

All in all, this product simply does not measure up. Given the price tag and the fact that you could go through bottles very rapidly due to the fact you are taking so many capsules per day and it is of real concern.

Find a product that contains more powerful information and in clear dosages. Then you can rest assured it will help you reach your end goals.

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