Now ZMA Review

Just How Good Is Now ZMA?

Proven Combination of Ingredients But Is ZMA Simply Enough On Its Own?

Sports supplement manufacturers NOW Sports offer a natural T-Booster based on the well established and proven ZMA Combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6.image_25957_original_X_450_white

But is ZMA enough on its own to really give your muscles a boost??

The Formula

Now ZMA is made of just three ingredients.. each dose contains

  • Vitamin B6 15mg
  • Magnesium 450mg
  • Zinc 30mg


Suitable for both sexes… men should take 3 capsules daily , preferably on an empty stomach 20-30

minutes before bedtime, women should take just 2 capsules.

For best results, you should ideally avoid dairy products and/or foods contain calcium while taking this product.


Users Feedback

Reviews are overall – rather mixed, for every positive review there is another that quite simply states that the product doesn’t work… it seems that the jury is most decidedly out on this product..

Reported Side Effects

Generally this combination of ingredients should not case any side effects, that said there are reports from some users of insomnia…headaches and runny nose….

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Where To Buy

Readily available from many stockists inc Amazon, and most regular online stores… expect to pay in the region of between $19.99 and $30 for 180 capsules

Any Cash Back Guarantees?

None Provided

Our Thoughts

There is no doubt that ZMA in the right amount can help improve sleep and recovery and go a certain way to helping to boost testosterone levels that could increase muscle mass….WE don’t think that on its own its as effective as it could be… We much prefer products that contain not juts ZMA for sure, but also boost the effects of the popular combination with other proven T-boosting ingredients such as DAA, Vit D as well as Fenugreek and possible even Oyster extract – another powerful source of Zinc

Could Offer Some Help With Recovery And Sleeping…

For our money – NOW ZMA is not simply enough for maximum gains and we suggest that you look elsewhere…

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