Alpha Wolf Force X7 Review USA

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2021)

Alpha Wolf Force X7 : Potent T-Booster? [updated 2021]

Alpha Wolf Force X7 is an all natural, all encompassing testosterone booster made and sold by Utah based Alpha Wolf Nutrition.

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An all round product, it promises its users of all ages that it will deliver some proven results that include:

  • Increased Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Improved Testosterone Production
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Faster Recovery
  • Noticeably Improved Libido And Sexual Responses
  • Improved Self Confidence and Moods

Developed by 40 something certified personal trainer Robert Clark. he is also a strength and conditioning coach and respected nutritional advisor and researcher.

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As he reached his 40th birthday, he realised that his muscle tone, strength and energy was reducing and also that his libido wasn’t what it was. 

Realising that he was suffering the early onset of age related testosterone decline he set out to give his testosterone levels boost.

Already knowing about the inherent risks of taking anabolic steroids and also not wanting to take drug based TRT treatments he decided to take a natural T-boosting supplement.

After several months and trying several well known products with poor results, and feeling rather frustrated he decided to carry out some intense research himself and try and develop a product that would give him what he needed.

Some 6 months later and after 500+ plus hours of intensive reading and studying, he had developed his formula and Alpha Wolf Force X7 was born.

Having discovered the product myself, I went out and ordered my own bottle to give it a months trial and see if it really is as good as it seems.

Find Out More At The Official Website – Click Here

Whats In The Formula Of Alpha Wolf Force X7

alpha wolf force x7 formula

The formula in Force X7 is fully disclosed by Robert and his team, like me, he hates the use of those unclear ‘proprietary blends that list only the ingredient, but do not tell you the dosage of each. –

Without knowing the full facts, you have no idea if there is enough of each separate ingredient in the product for it to be strong enough to work.

Thats not a problem with this product, we know that each serving contains:

Vitamin D3 25mcg (1000iu) 

 A crucial testosterone boosting ingredient, with many other health benefits too. Clinical research has demonstrated just how effective it is at boosting testosterone production in men.

Vitamins B6 (2.5mg) B12 (0.25mg) and B3 (30mg)

The different fairs of Vitamin B provide a number of key roles in the body, they help maintain healthy production of red blood cells, release every form the food that eat, and help improve blood flow throughout the body, ensuring optimum delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the muscles and key organs. 

They also play a key role in the production of testosterone.

Magnesium Citrate (45mg)

An essential t-boosting mineral, it has a proven and powerful role to play in the production of testosterone.

The Citrate form used here is the most bioavailable and effective.

Zinc Citrate (15mg)

Another key mineral that plays a crucial role in testosterone production, maintaining and boosting fertility and sperm motility. Also key to boosting general performance.

As with magnesium, the Citrate form is considered to be the most effective.

Ashwagandha KSM-66 (500mg)

The finest form of Ashwagandha available today. A natural plant extract that has solid clinical evidence confirming its ability to boost testosterone by up to 17%

Panax GInseng (200mg)

Commonly referred to a the king of herbs for its well documented health benefits.

A proven libido booster and is good at reducing the effects of stress. Stress and the hormone associated with it – Cortisol, is often referred to as the ‘testosterone killer’.

Maca Extract (250mg)

The root extract of Maca has intensive studies behind it, all proving its great ability as a general libido and energy booster

Longjack (100mg)

Excellent at reducing the effects of the stress hormone Cortisol which is highly detrimental to testosterone levels, it also has proven libido boosting effects 

Boron (10mg)

A trace mineral with proven anti estrogenic properties, helps to stop testosterone being converted into the female hormone estrogen by the aromatisation process

Shilajit (200mg)

A black tar like substance that is actually broken down plant residue. At the right doses clinical trials have proven its ability to increase testosterone production

Bioperine (5mg)

An extract of black pepper (piperine). Provides no actual T-boosting effects itself, but does magnify and speed the effects of the other key ingredients

How Do I Take Alpha Wolf Force X7

The suggested daily dose is 3 capsules per day. The makers tell us to take them with breakfast and a large glass of water to use and speed absorption .

Cycling doses is not essential, Force X7 can be taken for as long as required. 

Its not essential but personally I would take for 8 weeks and then take a weeks break before repeating as required. This just gives the body time to catch up and rebalance.

Users Testimonials

There are a great number of positive user reviews out there, almost unanimously praising force X7 and its results. 

Men of all ages report great improvements in muscularity, strength, and energy levels along with a noticeable spike in libido and general performance.

From my own point of view, it took about 8-10 days before I started to feel the benefits, but from that point I noticed a steady increase in my energy levels and strength, I managed to improve my bench and shoulder presses dramatically and I looked more defined and felt way stronger. 

My slight bit of extra belly fat disappeared too.

On a more private, personal note my libido also improved beyond my wildest imagination – Happy Days 🙂

Here are some of the other user testimonials that I found online

force x7 testimonials

Are There Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reports of anything adverse resulting from taking Alpha Wolf Force X7.

Where Can I Buy Alpha Wolf Force X7 In The US

alpha wolf force x7 official website

You can buy direct from the official website (click here) or of you prefer, from Amazon.

Prices on the official site start at $44.95 and when being direct you do get fast, worldwide shipping. 

When you buy direct you also get the benefit of the makers 110% cash back guarantee. 

Basically if you invest in Force X7 and take it as directed for 30 days and fail to see any benefits, you can return the empty bottle and any unused bottles for a full refund. 

The makers will also give you an extra 10% on top for your trouble.

“Finding another company who will effectively pay YOU for trying their product is extremely difficult”

There are discounts for larger orders and my recommendation for the best buy is the 3 month pack – Basically if you buy 3 you get a 4th bottle FREE saving you $44.95

DISCOUNT CODE – AS an added bonus visitors from this website can save another 10% on their order by using the code TESTO10 at checkout.

My Final Thoughts On Alpha Wolf Force X7.

I have no doubt in my mind on the effectiveness of Force X7. For me to see the gains in muscularity and my actual results, is amazing. 

My findings are echoed in other users of all ages across the board which proves that Roberts determination to research and find only the very best ingredients was well founded. 

By not copying virtually every other manufacturer and simply producing a clone of other companies products he has set a real benchmark of excellence, and in Alpha Wolf Force X7 has developed a product that is truly hard to beat.

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