EST Test Drive

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2014)

EST Test Drive – Our Review 

If you are serious about mass, it’s time to get serious about your training, your diet, and your supplementation. All three of these go hand in hand and will help you ensure that you move along to reach your goals as best as possible.

As you pick and choose which supplements you add to your arsenal, you might come across all the testosterone boosters on the market. Are these for you?

Will they actually help you turn back the hands of time and increase your natural test_drive_450_whitetestosterone level back up to where it was years ago?

One particular product you may come across is the EST Test Drive testosterone booster. Let’s take a closer look at what this product is all about so that you can see if it’s the one you should be focused on using.

About EST Test Drive

This product is one that is designed to either be used as a testosterone booster all on its own or it can also be used as a post cycle therapy treatment for those who have just finished using steroids.

This fact alone should tell you that this one is harsher and may not be as safe to be putting into your body as others on the market.

This product claims to not only help to boost your overall testosterone levels, but in addition to that, also claims to help you experience a higher libido, lower estrogen levels, and increased release of LH levels.

It also contains ingredients that can spark a higher workout performance as they are the same ingredients found in many pre-workout stimulatory products.

The Ingredient Line-Up 

testdrive-sfSpeaking of ingredients, when we look at the ingredients this product contains, we see vitamin B6, vitamin B12, magnesium, niacin, zinc, as well as some proprietary blends that contain tribulus, indole-3-carbinol, tongkat ali, amiosine, L-Leucine, Beta Alanine, as well as Pyridoxine HCl.

Sadly, because it is largely listed as a blend and complex, it is impossible to say for sure what you are really getting in each serving. 


  • May increase libido levels
  • Could improve strength generation capacity


  • Can cause liver issues in sensitive individuals
  • Is going to cater to those who have done steroids, so is not strictly for all-natural individuals
  • Is lacking in some key testosterone increasing ingredients
  • Cannot be used by those who have high blood pressure
  • You’ll need to take four capsules per day, which will have you going through the bottles very quickly
  • Does not provide many positive customer reviews

The Verdict 

All in all, this product is one to be quite concerned about. Given the fact it caters to steroid users is something that should immediately make you reconsider it.

Then add the fact that it’s not giving you full ingredient details only increases the questions raised about its effectiveness.

You’re always better off finding a product made by a company who has nothing to hide. This way you can feel more comfortable and certain about what it is that you are putting into your body and that no side effects will be noticed.

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