Jym Alpha JYM Review

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)

Jym Alpha JYM Review

Just How Good Is The Latest Product From Jim Stoppani??

image_prodprod1790010_largeImage_X_450_whiteJim Stoppani PhD is the brains behind JYM Supplement Science Products.. they do make (we have to say) pretty decent product, with many of their range appearing in the best sellers lists worldwide..

One of their products is Alpha Jym – a naturally formulated Testosterone Booster that promises to help guys to build larger, stronger muscles… it also claims to help guys who are suffering the effects of low testosterone production – a regular occurred as we get into our 30’s and beyond.

The Formula In Alpha Jym

WE have said so many times before – the ingredient profile is king.. get the right ingredients in the right quantities and you will be blown away by the results.. get it wrong and all you will be doing is wasting your money and end up being disappointed…

Each dose in Alpha Jym is fully disclosed….a refreshing change to the many manufacturers who hide their exact formulas behind undisclosed ’complexes, matrixes or blends.’

Every dose contains

  • Fenugreek 500mg
  • Damiana 500mg
  • DIM )Diindolymethane 250mg
  • Ashwagandha 500mg
  • Eurycoma Longifolia 100mg
  • Quercetin 250mg

Alpha_JYM_by_Jim_Stoppani_EXCLUSIVELY_at_Bodybuilding_comDirections For Use

if you train – take 3 capsules with a meal twice a day, one dose preferably an hour before training…..if you don’t train or on rest days, take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 before going to bed.

Users Feedback

One of the main suppliers – bodybuilding.com has stacks of reviews, and it has to be said, they are pretty evenly split with around 51% of users reporting good things while other 49% fail to see any effects whatsoever…. Alpha Jym is one of those rather strange products.. it appears to work for some, and not others – definitely a case of paying your money and taking your chance with this one..

sample reviews courtesy of bodybuilding.com

JYM_Alpha_JYM_Reviews1_-_Bodybuilding_com JYM_Alpha_JYM_Reviews2_-_Bodybuilding_com

Reported Side Effects

There are no reported issues resulting from directly taking Alpha Jym.. that said a few of the ingredients do have some links with possible side effects – one ingredient – Ashwaganda has (In some cases) caused redness and discolouration of the penis head when taken as a treatment for reduced libido

Where To Buy Alpha Jym

Available from most popular online stockists.. the afore mentioned bodybuilding.com currently sell a months supply Alpha Jym for $29.95 (usual price $68.98)

Any Guarantees

None provided by the manufacturer

Our Thoughts

With an almost 50/50 split on users reviews, we usually take an in depth look at the formula as this is a sure fire way of knowing if a product is going to work or not..

Fenugreek is a clinically proven testosterone boosting ingredient… it has shown in trials to be hugely effective…

Taking a look at the other ingredients in the mix, the story is slight different:

Damiana has been shown to have aphriodisiac effects, it is also claimed to be a stimulant and diuretic…. in truth there is a decided lack of human testing, with most trials limited to rats and mice.. When looking at its T-boosting properties, as an actual booster, it has failed, however it does have some anti estrogen properties which can help.

DIM is another ingredient with limited testing behind it.. very much like Damiana it can help suppress estrogen but does not generally boost testosterone

Ahwagandha has some abilities to help reduce stress, but overall, any positive increases in testosterone boosting has been limited to isolated cases – any positive effects do seem to be limited to men who are (a) stressed, and (b) suffering from extreme hypogonadism

Eurycome Longifolia – AKA Longjack …studies have shown it to be a pretty decent libido booster and it can help reduce stress.. however studies looking at its testosterone boosting potential are still undecided.. very much like Ashwagandha, the few positive results recorded were in men with extremely low testosterone production.. otherwise healthy men did not show any improvements whatsoever.

Quercetin has shown some anti estrogen effects alongside some testosterone boosting abilities in test rats – very little testing has been done on humans particularly looking at its testosterone boosting effects


Despite the well known pedigree of Jym Supplement Science’s range of products, looking at the evidence surrounding the ingredients in the formula of Alpha JYm, its apparent that the formula is largely untested with many of the better known and proven t-boosting ingredients missing from the mix…

May Help Some Users – especially with libido issues – overall based on the evidence, we cannot recommend.

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