Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test Review

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test Review

Reputable Manufacturer But Does Alpha Test Deliver?

Muscle Tech are a reputable manufacturer of health and bodybuilding supplements, most of their products are first class. 

Their all natural testosterone booster called Pro Series Alpha Test makes a lot of promises about its ability to boost muscles, performance and in fact everything male. Hugely popular throughout the US, we decided to grab this product by the balls and have a good hard look at it.

The Formula In Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test 

The makers score a big plus point straight away when we find out that their formula is fully disclosed, no hidden ingredients or questionable proprietary blends here, we one exactly whats in and how much of everything is in each serving:

  • Zinc 7.5mg
  • Fenugreek 300mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 250mg
  • Shilajit 100mg
  • Boron 100mg
  • Broccoli 50mg


How To Take Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test 

The suggested daily serving is 2 capsules taken twice a day, take with water to aid absorption.

What Do Users Say About Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test 

On the whole, users feedback is quite good, there are lots of reports about increased energy and the ability to get more done in the gym.. Funnily enough though, there are not a lot if users who actually talk about increased muscle mass, something that surprised us somewhat..

There were some users who didn’t see or feel any benefits from taking this product.

sample feedback courtesy of bodybuilding[dot]com

Any Reported Side Effects

There are no reports of any adverse side effects 

Where To Buy Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test 

Available from a number of stockists, probably the most popular being bodybuilding[dot]com. 

They sell a bottle contains 120 capsules ( a months supply) for $19.89 plus shipping (you can get free shipping if you spend over $49)

Is Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test Sold With A Guarantee

Bodybuilding[dot]com do offer a 90 day cash back guarantee, but it is unclear in the t&c’s if this applies only to unopened bottles.

Our Thoughts

Overall there are some decent t-boosting ingredients in Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test, It does lack many other key t-boosting ingredients however.

Magnesium, Vitamins D and B6, D-aspartic acid are just 4 examples.  There is also a ‘cuckoo in the nest’ too… The inclusion of Tribulus Terrestis in the formula is an all too common but frustrating addition. The sad and simple scientific facts are that Tribulus has failed in every single clinical trial ( and there has been quite a few) to produce even a slight increase in testosterone – quite frankly it DOES NOT WORK.

What it can do to a point however, is boost libido and energy, a fact that might account for the majority of users talking about increased energy rather than increased muscle mass.

To Sum Up – For Us, Muscle Tech Pro Series Alpha Test  is an underpowered and rather weak testosterone booster, that might deliver some very mild results, it could be suitable for someone trying their first T-booster, or maybe someone who simply wants to boost their energy levels, but as an effective muscle booster it does not (in our opinion) deliver on its promises.

Experienced bodybuilders will no doubt be left disappointed.

There are far better products out there, three of which can be found in our recommended testosterone boosters page.

After reviewing many of the US’s popular testosterone boosters we have finalised our list with 3 T-boosting products that all offer fully disclosed, potent and approved formulas, they all have a positive user ratings and also offer a full and lengthy cash back guarantees that covers opened and part empty bottles.

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