The Effects Of Testosterone

Just How Important Is Testosterone

Testosterone is without a doubt one of the most important hormones in a human body…. Found in both sexes, it is in a man however that it has the greatest importance and effect.

1-male-testosterone-declineAn Androgen by nature it is responsible for many aspects of our development and our general health.

It is the key to what makes a man who he is. It controls many functions, none more important than the development of his muscles, strength, fertility and sexual development…

Of course its effects doesn’t end there. It is also responsible for his hair growth, his deeper voice, body fat levels, his moods and sleep quality

Produced in the ovaries in women ( to a much lesser degree) and responsible for her sex drive… In the man it is the leidig cells in his testes that manufacture and distribute this essential hormone.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone. Which basically means that it is responsible for the development and maintenance of a mans muscles and strength.

Its effects regulate the levels of certain compounds in our body that include calcium, potassium sodium and chloride – all essential for optimum health, strength and fertility.

The Effects Of Age On Testosterone

TlevelEffectTurekClinicgraph-300x204 Our age has direct approach on the amount of testosterone that we producer naturally.

In our youth, especially through puberty ad into our 20’s, our natural testosterone levels are at their highest.

As we than start to go through our 30’s and beyond, the levels slowly but steadily reduce.

By the time we reach our 50’s the levels are noticeably lower and it is around that time that we can experience symptoms of reduced testosterone..

With reduced sex drive, diminished muscle tone and strength along with gains in body fat are all clear indications that our levels have dropped.

The Use Of Testosterone Treatments

In some countries the injecting of actual human testosterone is available. However the majority of countries have outlawed this practice due to its high risk of side effects ( and very high cost).

muscular-men-4Many athletes and bodybuilders now use natural testosterone boosting supplements to help them increase muscle mass, strength and performance.

When used alongside a regular exercise regime, the results can be spectacular. With increases often noticeable within just a few weeks.

But the effect of T boosters doesn’t just end there. They are equally as effective in men who are older and suffering from the effects of low testosterone….

A good supplement can quickly reverse the effects and revitalise a mans sluggish sex drive, energy levels and Improve muscle tone. – Even if he doesn’t work out.

Why Take Testosterone Boosters

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sex Drive And Performance
  • Better Moods
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Enhanced Muscle Tone, Size And Strength

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