Muscletech TEST HD Hardcore Testosterone Booster

Muscletech TEST HD Hardcore Review

 One Of The Top Selling T Boosters In The US, But Does Muscletech TEST HD Actually Give Us What We Need?

 Muscletech are the people behind TEST HD Hardcore – a naturally formulated T booster that quite simply – The manufacturers tell us ‘ Increases Free Testosterone’

450Aimed more at bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to increase strength and muscle size, it could also be of benefit to any man suffering the effects of low Testosterone.

The Formula In Muscletech TEST HD Hardcore

The ingredient profile is ( we are pleased to say) full disclosed… too many manufacturers hide the full details of their formula behind those all too common phrases ‘ complex, or blend)

Each serving contains

  • Tribulus Terrestris 250mg
  • Shilajit 100mg
  • Boron 100mg
  • Broccoli powder 50mg
  • Stinging Nettle Extract 50mg
  • Velvet Bean ( Mucuna Pruriens) 50mg
  • Calcium 48mg
  • Zinc 7.5mg

Taking Muscletech TEST HD HardcoreMuscletech_TEST_HD_Hardcore_Testosterone_Booster__Caplets___Walgreens

The suggested dose is 2 capsules per day, one in the morning and the second mid afternoon.. on days that you workout, take the second capsule 30 minutes before workout..

Users Reviews

Reviews are pretty mixed…its probably about a 50/50 split with some users reporting good things, while others simply felt that it didn’t work and was a waste of money..

sample reviews courtesy of Amazon


Any Reported Side Effects

None reported

Where To Buy

Muscletech TEST HD Hardcore is available from most regular sources… Walgreens, GNC and Amazon are three main stockists.. expect to pay around $79.99 for a months supply

Our Thoughts.

This is where it gets interesting.. despite the fact that around 50% of users reported good things, when you take a good in-depth look at the ingredient profile the story is completely different..

The formula contains a couple of known testosterone boosting ingredients that could work when taken in the correct amounts…. Zinc is pretty good, but usually works better when mixed with magnesium and vitamin B6 ( often referred to as ZMA),

Tribulus Terrestris has ( despite its popularity) no actual clinically approved T boosting properties whatsoever when taken by healthy males looking to boost muscle mass… where it can be effective is in men suffering the effects of low T, and in these it can help improve libido and overall sexual function… –

(Read Study Here) – 

Shilajit has shown some positive T boosting effects, but so far these have been only proven in men who are suffering from hypogonadism ( very low Testosterone levels), there is no evidence that proves it can bring on Testosterone increases in healthy adult males.

( Read Study Here – )

The same can be said about Mucuna Pruriens.. in men with extremely low testosterone, it has shown some positive benefits – but only in bringing back T levels to a safe minimum, so far in clinical trials it has proved to be largely ineffective when taken by bodybuilders and/or athletic younger men..

Boron has no proven T boosting effects whatsoever , and Stinging Nettle Extract could help reverse the effects of SHBG and therefore stop any testosterone being changed into estrogen.


                                                 Weak And Underpowered….

Taking everything into account, the scientific facts tells us that Test HD Hardcore is weak, underpowered and shouldn’t really work for most users… we have to consider the distinct possibility of the ‘placebo affect’ in some of the guys who reported good things.

We suggest that you look for a T boosting product that contains more clinically proven ingredients such as:

  • Vitamin D
  • Fenugreek
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • The complete ZMA formulation
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Oyster extract ( little used but a powerful addition)

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